Becoming a patron offers you the opportunity to associate your name and image with the Museum and see your support recognized in its communication (except for anonymous donors). You will be more part-of-the-process than a mere sponsor.  Depending on the value of your donation an invitation to the Museum events will be sent.

Our ambition is to create a committed patrons community dedicated to Gustave Courbet and the worldwide recognition of his works.

Your generosity as private or corporate donors enabled us to acquire “The Oak at Flagey”, one of Gustave Courbet’s master works, in 2012. Your continued support will help us pursue and expand our sponsorship policy.

We need you. Do join us as a Nouveau Mécène de Courbet, a painter that led so many artists on the path to recognition and paved the way for the Impressionists’ fame.

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Send by post to:
Les Nouveaux Mécènes de Courbet
Secrétariat : 15, Rue de l’Église St Pierre 25 870 LES AUXONS

For French tax residents, the Patronage law entitles them to a tax reduction that equals 66% of the donations made by private individuals, 60% of the donations made by corporate entities.

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